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Home Safety – Why a Barking Dog Alarm Protects our Home So Well

Barking Dog AlarmA dog, according to those from law enforcement is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your home. The problem is not everyone owns a dog. But did you know that a barking dog alarm can be just as effective as a real dog in protecting your home? Follow along and you will learn for home safety, how a barking dog alarm protects a home so well.

The home is a most important place. It is not only the place you live in but also a place where most valuable possessions, like your family and keepsakes are. You want your home to be safe. That is why one of the best protection systems available is offered through a barking dog alarm?

As pointed at before, not every homeowner has the chance to own a dog. A good example would be people that are just renting the house they live in, those who have allergies to animal hair, lack of time to care for a pet dog, homeowners that have no budget for food and other pet care needs. This is the reason why these days many homeowners opt for security systems such as the barking dog alarm to provide their homes with the needed security.

Top Rated Barking Dog AlarmThe reason this device is so highly effective and reliable is because it is designed to realistically imitate the sound of an angry barking dog. This alarm has a powerful sensor that has the capacity to sense motion from 10 to 20 feet and has the capability to “sense” even through obstructions such as wood and/or cemented wall, glass, and through doors. Further, its speakers emit a barking sound when any individual who happens to be trespassing your property and their motion is detected..

The sound this device emits will deter most any burglar because he will be startled by the barking and will thus change his mind thinking that the owners have already been alerted with his furtive activity on your property. There is no way the would-be burglar could know the barking is not coming from a live dog.


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Now to further convince you, here are more of the many benefits of this type of burglar alarm system.

• It has an adjustable volume, which is a great feature especially when the user has hearing problems. Further, as the intruder nears your home or your door, the barking sound also increases by volume and becomes more frequent this makes the device become more realistic.

• It has options for multiple sounds plus the sound that the device emits can be changed into the other sounds other than barking. With the use of a remote control you will be able to change the sound into a chime or a bell.

• Compared to a real dog, the barking dog alarm system is relatively maintenance free. Which is why this is your best alternative to buying a pet dog because you don’t have to set aside wider space, you don’t have to buy high quality dog food which is expensive, you don’t have to allot a time from your schedule to feed the pet, no need for regular walking the dog sessions, and most of all you there is no taming or training involved.

• It is easy to use because it requires no complicated hardware installation and you can even do it yourself. All you need to do is choose a spot that children cannot reach and within minutes and using basic tools you will be able to make use of this device.

• As this is so easy to use, you rest assured that you have enough protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week with just 110 volts of electricity on an alarm system that uses microwave technology. Such technology is also in use by police radar systems.

With all these wonderful features about a barking dog alarm, now is the time to get one for your home safety and know that this is the best decision you can make when it comes to protecting your life, family, and property.

policemanPolice say:

"Barking Dog Alarms are excellent  for detering burglars and they never need food, water or have to be taken for a walk."  









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