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Top 3 Home Security Tips To Keep our Family Safe

Home security tips are designed as easy things you can do to keep you, your family and your house safe.

Whether you live in a home or in an apartment, securing your abode is important.

These home security tips will teach you how to protect your family and provide you peace of mind that your house is safe, even when you are away.

You might be asking yourself what makes these home security tips worth reading.

Fact is there are government agencies that have the task of protecting the nation’s citizenry such as the police and fire department but they can only do so much. Anything you can do on your own to provide safety and protection is always recommended.

In addition to the fact that there are more homes than there are police, the farther you live from the police precinct the longer will it be for them to be able to respond to your phone call for help. So don’t just rely on others to make your home secure and your family safe from harm with these tried and tested tips.

Home Security TipsHow To Prevent Burglaries

a. Make your home safe by protecting all points of entry and exit in your home and these include your windows as well as your garage door. Install locks that are virtually difficult for potential robbers to pick; for instance for your doors you should install dead bolt locks because they are more secure than doorknob locks.

Always make sure that before you enter your house, you have already locked your garage doors because your tools, other types of hardware, and yes even the car inside your garage is a sort of invitation for would be robbers to steal from you.

b. Have home security equipment such as motion sensors placed near doors or windows so that you will be alerted instantly at the slightest movement outside your home. Many people shy away from this method because they think that security systems are expensive. Motion sensors that trigger lights to come on when they sense movement are not expensive.

Another inexpensive way to secure your home is through the use of  barking dog alarm system. This is a type of alarm system that emits barking sounds whenever it detects motion near it is periphery. What makes this product a great thing to have is that fact that when you are away there will be no worries as to how you will be able to feed your dog.

c. If you are leaving your house and go on a vacation, arrange to have one of your trusted neighbors look after your property. Arrange to have this neighbor pick up the mail and the paper because piled up deliveries will alert thieves that your house is empty. These neighbors can also water your plants, feed your pet fish, and others asks at the same time and that will make it look like someone is home.

The idea here is to create a lived in look on your home even when you are away to prevent thieves from entering your property. Of course if you plan on paying your neighbor for the extra service both parties must have agreed on the amount first.

A Tip Regarding Social Networking Sites

Part of these great home security tips is to never advertise the fact that you are away and that your house is empty. If you are a person who loves social networking sites, be careful not to inform the whole world where you live and to which country you’re having a vacation by posting such information on your profile’s status. These days many thieves have turned to the Internet communities to find out information about their next target.

How To Prevent Fires

Fire safety is an important consideration in keeping your home secure and your family safe. Some of the tips that will be outlined below involve common sense on the homeowner’s part.

a. If you are a smoker, of course you should not smoke in your room while lying on your bed because chances are when you fall asleep you’d be likely to start a fire. Also, before throwing your cigarette butt in the trash bin, be sure that you’ve completely put it out.
b. Don’t leave candles unattended and don’t leave matches in places where your own kids can reach.
c. Before leaving your house always make sure that you’ve unplugged every single appliance, especially hair irons because when they overheat most likely fire happens.
d. Always buy and use fire resistant materials in your home such as flame retardant pillows and the like.
e. Lastly, one last tip in this list of home security tips is to keep a detailed evacuation plan should a fire breaks out inside your home and discuss this plan with the whole family.

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